New on Career Navigator in Safety & Security

As from today, a new dynamic and interactive tool is accessible on the website the Career Navigator in Safety & Security. The navigator provides insight into and overview of the career opportunities in the security domain. It is meant for: (1) people working in the security domain who consider moving to another job within the security domain; and (2) people working outside the security domain who are interested in jobs within the security domain.


The navigator is a new instrument on which, together with the job profiles, open jobs and internships, education and testimonials, forms a powerful source of information for professionals and students in the fast-growing field of security. The navigator's system is linked to new job openings, education, training and courses - and therefore, it is a dynamic, interactive tool.


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This career navigator has been developed and improved in collaboration with various HSD Partners. We thank all the Partners who have helped us with their valuable feedback and validation of the tool.


Making your Career in Security 

HSD Office is committed to contributing to a better alignment of demand and supply in the security domain, see for instance our Human Capital Agenda Security 2019-2022. Do you have a passion for IT and technology and are you alert to trends and developments in the field of cyber security? Consider a career in this domain! Security Talent offers a selection of vacancies of HSD Partners and studies & courses.


More information on the most wanted security professionals can be read in the analysis of job advertisements 'Wanted Security Professionals'. Furthermore, the report 'Beroepenradar Safety & Security' (2018) provides an overview of job profiles covering the entire breadth of the Safety & Security domain; it provides a framework for people interested in a career in Safety & Security to see which professions match their level of education and which other professions are close to their field of interest. The career navigator fits very well in this framework. 

Partners involved

The Hague University of Applied Sciences (HHS)
Security Academy
ROC Mondriaan