HSD Café: Future of OT Security

16 mei 2024
15:30 - 18:30 hrs
HSD Campus
Georganiseerd door:
Security Delta (HSD)

Note for non-Dutch speakers: the main language of the event is Dutch.


Our digitising society is increasingly confronted with the consequences of cyber attacks aimed at Operational Technology (OT) infrastructure. Government and entrepreneurs are growing more aware of these threats, as attacks can lead to considerable economic damage, and threaten the availability of basic life necessities.


From a governmental perspective, the focus is on protecting vital and essential services, in which OT infrastructure is more than often involved. At the same time it can prove challenging to segment OT networks, detect attacks, and integrate a manageable patch and update cycle. In addition challenges on the subject of developing talent in a tight labour market raises questions on how we will continue protecting our OT infrastructure in the future properly. The theme of our HSD Café therefore is: the future of OT security.


During this event, we invite you to learn together and exchange views on this theme. HSD has invited three experts from the field to share their expertise from differing perspectives. After the presentations there will be plenty of room for questions and an interactive discussion. The Café will end with a networking drink, giving you the opportunity to discuss the topic further and make meaningful connections.



15:30 Doors open
16:00 Welcome
16:05 Speaker 1: Stefan Barten (Modelec)
16:30 Speaker 2: Turabi Yilidirim (Rijkswaterstaat)

17:05 Speaker 3: Riccardo Ferrari and Rosanne Aartman (TU Delft)
17:30 Questions and discussion
17:45 Drinks & bites



We are looking forward to welcoming you to the HSD Campus. Given the limited parking at HSD, we recommend coming by public transport or parking somewhere nearby.


Photos will be taken during this event at the HSD Campus. If you do not want to be visible in the photos, please notify the receptionist on the 7th floor when you arrive. You will then receive a key cord to make this preference clear. If you do not indicate anything, we will assume that you agree to the usage of photographs in which you are visible.