National Cyber Summer Event: the future of human capital in cybersecurity

04 juni 2024
16:00 - 22:00 hrs
Amare, Spuiplein 150, The Hague
Georganiseerd door:
Dcypher in collaboration with ACademic Cyber Security Society (ACCSS) and Cyberveilig Nederland (CVNL)

This event, organised by dcypher in collaboration with ACademic Cyber Security Society (ACCSS) and Cyberveilig Nederland (CVNL), focuses on the role of education and a skilled workforce in cybersecurity. Security Delta (HSD) and CVD are among those giving a poster presentation on Human Capital at the end of the event.


Why attend?

  • Strengthening digital security: In the Netherlands and Europe, the push for a
    digitally safe society is on. Key to this is having enough well-trained
    cybersecurity professionals.
  • Insights on human capital: Hear about efforts to enhance our cybersecurity
    workforce through collaboration among research and educational institutions, 
    SMEs and government bodies and how you can get involved.

Event highlights:

  • Engage in plenary and breakout sessions about how human capital
    cybersecurity affects everyone. 
  • Hear success stories from individuals and organisations already making strides
    in these areas.
  • Network with innovators, researchers and government representatives to
    share knowledge and strengthen connections.

The event will kick off in the early afternoon with several sessions. One open session will precede the plenary on human capital in cybersecurity. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with experts from CVNL, NEXIS, SME finance RVO and dcypher in an introductory session about cybersecurity innovation funding for Small and Medium Enterprises.
Simultaneously, closed sessions such as a CS4NL workshop, summer school kick-off, dcypher Advisory Board meeting and ACCSS General Assembly will take place. 


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