Hackshield Academy Launches 'Ethical Hacking Quest' for High School Students

On 13 June, ethical hacking was on the agenda at several secondary schools in the Netherlands. Hackshield Academy launched their new online quest 'Ethical Hacking', jointly developed with DIVD Academy. Ethical hackers were present in the class and coached the youngsters through various digital safety challenges using the new curriculum. The aim was to increase online safety and awareness among young people and awaken their interest in the IT/cybersecurity field.


Set up guest lessons & quest

One of the participating secondary schools was OCN Parkdreef in Zoetermeer. The lesson started with a short introduction and discussion of learning objectives. Afterward, pupils were invited to walk through the online quest together. The aim is to make pupils aware of various online dangers while teaching them how to deal with them. Through various scenarios and a hacking task, students were introduced to the different aspects of hacking, such as a data breach, hacking in games, stealing data and recognising and modifying a source code. After playing out the quest, there was room for reflection and sharing experiences. 


Student: "It was interesting, if I hadn't played the quest I wouldn't have known at all that you can use hacking for good things too."


Interventions that specifically target young people are more important than ever. Indeed, a recent report by the Public Prosecutor's Office and the police revealed that half of all cybercrime suspects facing trial are 25 years old or younger. It is also the case that the step to cybercrime is increasingly easy.  With this quest, we want to make young people more resilient against these threats and show them how to use their digital skills to positively contribute to the (digital) world.


Astrid Oosenbrug, co-founder of DVID Academy highlights: "There is a lot of enthusiasm and you notice that there is a gap between what is and what is not allowed. By playing and discussing the quest, students get a better understanding of this."


Want to join?

The lesson is aimed at the experiences of middle school students in the second or third grade of high school and lasts about 40-60 minutes. Would you like to play this quest at your or your child's school? Or would you need more information? Then contact Hackshield at info@joinhackshield.nl.


Role Security Delta (HSD)

HSD contributed to this initiative as part of the Verband Zuid-Holland programme by providing input on the content of the quest and liaising with secondary schools. This multi-year programme aims to reduce IT talent shortages for SMEs.       


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