Students Broaden their Knowledge about Cybersecurity during Digital Summer School

Sixty students and young professionals from 20 countries attended the digital 'International Cyber ​​Security Summer School' (ICSSS 2021) from 22 to 27 August, hosted from The Hague. The students attended lectures on the most current cyber security topics. They were also challenged with cases to work on new solutions that make our online activities safer.


The summer school is organised annually by Europol EC3, NCI Agency, Cisco, SignPost Six, Radically Open Security, Leiden University, Palo Alto Networks, Accenture Security, Deloitte, EclecticIQ, KPN and the security cluster HSD. With the aim of sharing knowledge and discovering new talents who want to commit themselves to our digital security. The Human Capital Agenda (Cyber) Security developed with a number of HSD partners forms the basis of this annual Summer School. In this way, we contribute together to improve the connection between education and employers and to attract and develop talent. 


With backgrounds in technology, policy, law and business, participants gathered online to learn more about a multidisciplinary approach to cybersecurity. During the six-day program, they learned about cyber incidents, cyber risk and threat management, cryptocurrency investigations, cybercrime as a service and the human factor. In addition, they were challenged to come up with innovative solutions for current cybersecurity issues from Leiden University, NCI Agency, Palo Alto Networks and Accenture Security. In addition, an HR event was held, where the future cybersecurity experts were brought into contact with the organizers (experts and professionals) in the field. 


Joris den Bruinen, director of security cluster HSD: “We need each other to make our society digitally and physically safer. Cyber ​​security talent development is crucial here. The demand for new talent is increasing, not only in terms of numbers of professionals, but also in terms of thorough knowledge of the business. The annual ICSSS contributes to achieving this.”


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HSD Betrokken partners

Accenture Security
Gemeente Den Haag
KPN N.V. /KPN Security
Leiden University - Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs
NATO Communications and Information Agency
Signpost Six BV