‘Security á la Carte’ for Future Jobs and Talent Pool in Safety & Security

5 HSD education & training partners signed the letter of intent 'Security á la Carte' to attract and train talent together for Safety & Security jobs and employers of the future. Next step is to sharpen market demand definition, map education offers and create a practical menu.


As follow up to the kick-off 'Future Jobs and Talent Pool in Safety & Security' held on 19th June 2018, the five forward thinking training- and education partners of HSD discussed the developing market demand for safety & security professionals on July the 18th:

  • Cyber Security Academy / Technical University Delft / Leiden University
  • NCOI Opleidingen
  • Studiecentrum voor Bedrijf en Overheid (SBO)
  • Security Academy
  • ROC Mondriaan


They committed to shaping and realising the future workforce for the security domain together with employers (‘Safety & Security Wasstraat’ or ‘Security á la Carte’). Next step is defining and testing the routes for (re)training and upskilling, identifying and developing educational offers to realise growth, and supporting students, professionals and employers in taking their next step.


This will build on observations made in the analysis of recent job opening descriptions and employment in the security domain and is part of the Access to Talent program. For an overview of current open positions at HSD-partners and education offers to support your career, visit securitytalent.nl.



Participants in picture from left (above) to right (under): Frank van Summeren (SBO), Eric Verduyn (NCOI), Liz de Bie (SBO), Muriel Franken (NCOI), Janke Westerhuis (ROC Mondriaan), Richard Franken (HSD), Nicole van Deursen, Rick Strijbos (Security Academy), Mark Ruijsendaal (HSD) and Jan van den Berg (CSA, TU Delft, Leiden University).

HSD Betrokken partners

Delft University of Technology
Leiden University - Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs
ROC Mondriaan, School for IT
Security Academy