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32 hrs
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Our Basic HEAT Course prepares you for travelling and working in dangerous areas

After a long flight, you arrive at your hotel. You step out of the taxi, turn around and are confronted with a weapon. The robber is shouting at you. What do you do? Fight, flee or freeze? We believe there is another option: to react consciously, relying on your self-awareness and experience.


How do you envision dangerous situations, and how can you prepare yourself for them? In fact, you only know how you will react once an unsafe situation actually occurs.


During our Basic HEAT Course (Hostile Environment Awareness Training), you discover the tools you need to work in medium and high-risk areas. The course is based on practical exercises and realistic simulations.


Hyper-realistic training

Our simulated exercises, continuous scenario and video news updates are so realistic that you will feel they are really happening. This immersion is the most effective preparation for risk areas.


Highest quality

We are an ISO 9001:2015, Cedeo and CRKBO certified organisation to make sure you receive the best learning experience you ever had.


Safe learning environment

We have an extra psychosocial trained staff member present to guarantee a safe learning environment.


Personal equipment

You receive a free professional medical kit and instruction cards to support you during your travels.


What makes our Basic HEAT Course special?

Practice through hyper-realistic simulations

We believe in the power of simulation. Our specialists offer you the opportunity to respond to threatening situations in a safe learning environment. These simulated exercises are so realistic that you will feel they are really happening. You will learn your own instinctive responses.


Our experienced trainers and professional actors provide you with the tools with which you can react to these situations. From day one, you’ll be immersed in a realistic storyline. During the HEAT training, you are part of a team that is on a mission in a dangerous country.

While travelling through this country, you’ll be exposed to dangerous situations. Together, we navigate these situations and through practice learn how to manage them.


Safe learning environment

Anyone can take part in our training. Your personal safety and well-being are our primary concern. Before and during the course, you can share prior experiences with the trainers or the host. They can discreetly adapt the course for you to make sure this will be the best and safest learning experience you ever had.


Because there is a host present at the course (apart from the trainers) we make sure you can take a time-out whenever you need one. Out of the situation and the group, the host is able to support you. The trainers and host support you in your learning process. If you need extra personal guidance, there is time for additional support.

Your own professional medical kit and instruction cards

During the module “Medical Accident Control” our specialists teach you to use a professional medical kit specifically designed for remote areas. You will receive this medical kit for free to bring home and on your travels.


At the end of each segment of the HEAT training, you will receive an instruction card with a summary of everything you have learned. The instruction cards are waterproof, so they are handy and practical for carrying in the field. 


Information about the Basic HEAT Course

For whom?

Staff working and/or travelling in medium and high risk areas.


If you are travelling to an area which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has classified as unsafe, this course is the right course for you. Please keep in mind that even if an area is classified as safe you must make your own judgement concerning the risks.



  • Security & Situational Awareness
  • Field Security Plans
  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation
  • Gender Specific Risks
  • Personal Risk Profile
  • Communication Skills (in the field)
  • Radio & Satellite Phone
  • Medical Accident Control
  • Life Saving Skills in Remote Areas
  • Basic Life Support & AED
  • Dealing with Aggression
  • Stress Management
  • Hostage Prevention & Survival
  • Field Safety Skills
  • Checkpoints & Road Blocks
  • Active Shooting, Ambushes and Carjacking
  • Ammunition and Weapon Awareness
  • Simulations and Field Exercises

Further information


Acceptance: you can join this course without pre-training
Language: English (in-company also in French and Dutch)
Duration: 3 days, including two evening programmes (32 hours)
Start time day 1: 08:30
End time day 3: 17:00


Breakdown of time: 30% theory, 30% practice, 40% simulations
Group size: maximum 14 (during simulations maximum of 7)
Dietary wishes: vegetarian/vegan/halal/other meals
Certification: on completion of the course you will receive a HEAT certificate.
Keep your training up to date: we ensure that your training stays current by offering you a free e-learning programme after one year.


Location Jordan: King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC), Yajouz Road, Amman, Jordan
Taxi from/to the venue: The training venue is a 50 km drive from Queen Alia International Airport


Costs: € 2.795,- (2024)
Including accommodation (2 nights)*, food & beverage*, all course materials and VAT.


* Accommodation and food & beverage are automatically reserved for all participants for the nights during the course.