Edu type:
Course or training
Associate degree (EQF 5), Bachelor (EQF 6)
Start date:
Study Load:
80 hrs
10 weeks
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Cyber Security is an increasingly growing field, as today’s societies and businesses rely to a great extent on computer systems, and they are information driven. Network security is often referred to as the cornerstone of IT security, since the network is one of the most central assets of organizations. In this course, you study the way networks and information systems function; you examine their vulnerabilities and the threats against them and investigate the application of methods to enhance the defense thereof. Aanmelden voor deze module kan tot twee weken voor de aangegeven startdatum. Daarna vervalt de aanmelddatum en kun je je inschrijven voor een volgend moment.


Wat kun je straks?

  • To elaborate on the security of the most commonly used networking protocols and mechanisms, and to give a concrete advice on the most appropriate secure network solution, for a given setting that is described in detail.
  • To deploy and utilize software tools, which implement the principles of Public Key Encryption, to ensure confidentiality and integrity of e-mail communications.
  • To create secure communication channels for remote network access, using VPN software, and to describe the VPN setting and level of achieved security of the selected approach in a 2-page technical report.
  • To evaluate the extend of the damage, diagnose the cause of a network attack and to discuss the problem and potential solutions, in case of a compromised Information system.
  • To demonstrate the functionality of common tools to detect and prevent attacks, such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems, and to write a technical report on their configurations.