Cyber, Education Market, ICT, Engineering
Edu type:
Formal education
Master (EQF 7)
Start date:
Study Load:
3360 hrs
2 years
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Build technology for the information society

The Master’s in Computer Science covers this fascinating and hyper-relevant discipline from multiple angles. The technical side of Computer Science deals with computer operations, like system software, computer networks and programming environments. The theoretical foundations cover the limits of what can be computed, computational efficiency, correctness, and the intricacies of concurrent execution. Software engineering studies construction and maintenance of large and often mission-critical software systems that need to be maintained by large teams of people. Because of its prominent role in everyday life, non-functional aspects of information technology are gaining importance in Computer Science, most notably the energy efficiency of data centres and the security of computer systems.

The start dates of this programme are September 1st and February 1st.


Note: the track Computer Systems and Security is no longer available as part of this Master’s programme since September 2021. We offer a new Master’s programme Computer Security. For more information go to


See also the study guide for a complete overview of the study programme. Or download the year schedule directly. 



The Master's in Computer Science is a two-year programme that currently offers seven distinct tracks: 

  • Big Data Engineering
  • Foundations of Computing and Concurrency
  • Computer Systems and Infrastructure
  • Systems for Large-Scale Applications
  • Software Engineering and Green IT
  • International track: Global Software Engineering European Master
  • International track: Software Engineers for Green Deal

Each track comprises five mandatory core courses – relating to Computer Science in general and your track specifically – plus certain restricted choices and electives. You’ll also carry out your Master’s project and write your thesis in the second half of your second year.


The tracks Computer Systems and Infrastructure and Systems for Large-Scale Applications will be offered starting from 2023-2024. The complete overview of the programme and the year schedule for these tracks will be published in June 2023. Notice that the tracks Parallel Computing Systems and Internet & Web Technology are being discontinued. It is no longer possible to enroll in these tracks.


Change your future with the Computer Science programme

On completing this Master’s programme, you can choose from a variety of careers, ranging from software development to system design, at organisations spanning from local companies up to the big multi-national players. As a graduate in Computer Science, you could also found your own startup company and monetise your product idea, or continue your academic career and apply for a PhD position.