Social mission of the ITvitae Group:

Guiding ICT specialists with autism towards a paid and sustainable job
By combining our many years of expertise in the field of ICT, autism and coaching into a complete range of services, we are able to successfully help talents with autism find suitable work.


ITvitae provides various pathways to work:

  • ICT Learning pathway to work
  • ICT Self study programme in the Individual Learning Centre
  • Direct mediation and guidance to a new job
  • Coaching and reintegration processes
  • Learning pathway to work

We focus on talents with autism who have demonstrable ICT affinity. Our candidates get their money's worth with the leading ICT trajectory: Learning trajectory to work. In this process, the participant in a small group successively follows an assessment, a recognised ICT certification trajectory, a work experience placement and then has the prospect of a paid job as an ICT specialist. With all our other projects we pursue the same goal: a pleasant and sustainable job. The common thread in all our projects is coaching; from the first intake to the new working environment.



An ICT Learning pathway to Work takes an average of twelve to eighteen months in total and represents a substantial financial investment. ITvitae is largely responsible for the development and supervision of these trajectories. Nevertheless, the projects can only be realised with the help of sponsorship donations and contributions to the costs of the UWV, municipalities and a personal contribution from the participant. It is more than worth the investment. The candidates have the prospect of a sustainable participation in the employment process and the labour market can look forward to well-trained and motivated professionals. But above all, our talents are given a full place in society.