The risk of a potential data breach, caused by technological or human error, is always lurking. In order to maintain an adequate level of security you will need a multi-disciplinary approach.


To help organisations achieve continuous compliance, Audittrail offers audits, advisory services as well as tooling, which is an end-to-end solution that covers both privacy compliance and information security.


Audittrail is an auditing and consulting company with expertise on information security, privacy and risk management. Our experts are skilled security officers, privacy officers, auditors and risk managers. We can fulfill the role of EU representative and Data Protection Officer for European and non-EU organisations. Audittrail offers a broad range of (awareness) products, such as phishing tests, mystery guests, workshops, awareness campaigns, etc.


Information security has a strong connection with Privacy and the GDPR. However, these are two different fields of expertise, which require different knowledge and capabilities. And both need to been seen in the wider context of risk management and Business Continuity.


Our Compliance Management Framework software (CMF) is enables the organization to be in control and fully compliant on the topics of GDPR, Infosec, Business Continuity and risk management in a practical way.