BarentsKrans is a Dutch full service business law firm with its office in The Hague. Both internationally and nationally we are known for high-quality service across the following practices: Corporate and M&A, Intellectual Property, Corporate Litigation, Financial Litigation, Labour Law, Real Estate, Competition and Supreme Court Litigation.

Security issues are becoming more complex, whether it be national and urban safety, critical infrastructure, forensics, data or cybersecurity. BarentsKrans advises its clients in this legal environment.

Frequently asked questions are:

• Who is liable in the event of data breaches or security breaches? Can directors or officers be personnaly liable?
• What duty of care does a manager of critical infrastructure has regarding the safety of its network?
• How can one assure that data will remain confidential during digital exchange?
• When do security measures for personal data comply with applicable laws and regulations (compliance)?
• What legal basis does a government authority need for security measures, and to what extent are existing powers applicable in cyberspace?
• What are the restrictions on the use of security cameras?
• Can you connect databases to improve safety?

BarentsKrans knows the dynamics of the innovative and technology-driven security sector. We have been a partner from the start of the HSD and have an extensive network in this sector. Clients of BarentsKrans in the security sector comprise of start-up and mid-market sized companies and local governments for legal advice on topics such as corporate law, product legislation, contracting, data protection, ICT, intellectual property rights, housing and employment. BarentsKrans also advises on financing and  mergers and acquisitions transactions.