ITvitae was founded in 2013 by social entrepreneurs Frans de Bie and Peter van Hofweegen. They both have a strong social commitment and see the establishment of ITvitae as an opportunity to offer prospects to talents with autism and to do their best in the ICT labour market.


ITvitae consists of the four core activities: Learning, Coaching, Secondment and Software Development. Together they form the ITvitae Group, the national Expertise Centre for Autism and ICT. ITvitae is located in the rustic Eemklooster in Amersfoort.


Social mission of the ITvitae Groep:

To guide ICT specialists with autism to a paid and sustainable job.
By combining our many years of expertise in the field of ICT, autism and coaching into a complete range of services, we are able to successfully help talents with autism find suitable work.