Independent advice and powerful implementations

KBenP: more value from information. Our agency is strong on the basis of our credo: independent advice, powerful implementations. You make use of our knowledge and skills in the field of information management, ICT and organisational design. Our 150 professionals, 40 associates and 100 lecturers are at your service.

Our clients are in both the profit and not-for-profit sectors. For most of these clients we have been active for more than 5 years.

The services we provide and the solutions we realize and maintain for our clients lead to:

  • more enjoyable working
  • switch faster
  • better outcome



Digital transformation' is today's trend. Organisations are increasingly using 'digital' strategically for their value proposition, customer experience, operations and collaboration with their supply chain partners.
This transformation is a continuous process. New technologies and functionalities enable increasingly better working methods. Organizations are continuously developing their professional work environment and tools. Due to the ever better applications of ICT, people will come into their own more and more and add value that the machine is not (yet) capable of doing. KBenP's ambition is to play a prominent role in these developments.


KBenP's field of activity is providing services in the field of digital working. We help our clients in the process of reorienting and continuously redesigning and redesigning their professional working environment and tools. This enables them to continuously improve their value proposition, customer experience, operations and cooperation with their supply chain partners.


It is KBenP's ambition to distinguish itself through professionalism, professional content, pragmatism, result-orientation and experience.


KBenP continuously strengthens its entrepreneurial and innovative corporate culture by committing the best specialists.