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Group-IB is one of the global leaders in threat intelligence, anti-fraud, network security, and incident response. Our headquarters is located in Singapore, but we also have offices in Amsterdam, Dubai, and Moscow. At 18 years young, we still operate like a start-up, developing new and exciting products, always hunting for more business, and reinvesting profits back into the company. We are hunters with limitless energy, and we know our products and the industry inside out.


Thanks to a combination of cutting-edge technologies, extensive experience, and in-depth expertise, Group-IB experts successfully fight international cybercrime by offering products and services that protect people, businesses, and governments worldwide.

Each of us can help make the world a safer place.

Join us!

What makes this role special?

Your main task will be to establish an impeccable reputation for the company in the international market and to mitigate risks in the whole European region by improving the company’s level of information openness and transparency.

Tasks to solve:

  • Participation in the development of the Group-IB communication strategy and shaping of the current information agenda for relevant client markets.
  • Development of the plan of PR campaigns, prediction of the influence of specific planned events on the company’s reputation.
  • Implementation of bilateral interaction with representatives of traditional mass media and new media (business, social and political, industry-specific, specialized) to promote the company’s interests and preparation of the content.
  • Organization of preparation and dissemination of information messages in the format of traditional/interactive mass media covering news and information opportunities.
  • Development and implementation of the program to promote the company’s products and services in traditional mass media and new media, including online events, joint projects with key regional portals and websites.
  • Maintenance and development of Group-IB’s own corporate pages/channels.
  • Coordination of interaction for reacting to journalists’ requests, including situations when the agenda changes urgently and anti-crisis actions are taken.
  • Implementation of a commentary program with the key company speakers, analysis of mass media representatives’ requests about the company’s activities and drafting replies.

Related fields of responsibility and interaction with other departments:

  • Organization of wide coverage of the company events in national and international mass media.
  • Liaison with marketing divisions, using news opportunities (exhibitions, presentations, conferences, etc.) to ensure that the company reputation benefits from the attraction of public attention through mass media.
  • Liaison with other divisions concerning PR support issues:
  • Launch of new products and services (marketing, development);
  • Participation in intra-company promotion of PR achievements (internal communications);
  • Participation in implementation of social programs and special corporate projects (internal communications, HR);
  • Preparation of content for internal corporate mass media (internal communications).

What you'll need:

  • Work experience in the high-tech industry, IT or information security (preferably) of 3 years or more (candidates with less experience may be considered for a junior position).
  • Skills of communicating with international mass media and relevant journalists (an own pool is ideal).
  • Computer literacy, knowledge of basic communication platforms and products for mass media analysis.
  • An important note: we require a team player ready to work in a dynamic environment and to take responsibility. A proactive approach and creativity are mandatory. Ability to work well under pressure and self-control earn additional karma points.

Why choose Group-IB:

  • Your happiness is important to us. We want every single team member to be happy.
  • Continuing professional development. At Group-IB, you can choose from various paths to growth: progress as an expert, advance to a management position, try your hand in another department, relocate abroad, or launch a new business area at Group-IB.
  • A team with extensive international expertise. Do you have experience but are looking for exciting challenges? By choosing us, you will be choosing complex tasks and continuously improving your skills in a fast-growing international company.
  • Globally recognized technologies. Group-IB's offices are located in seven countries and our products and services are sold in 60 countries. What’s more, Gartner, IDC, and Forrester have ranked our technologies among the best in their class. We work with over 450 international partners and about 500 clients.
  • A culture created by each of us. Group-IB’s employees speak many different languages and understand one another. We respect each other's beliefs, share common values, and strive toward the happiness of every employee.
  • Economic stability. Group-IB's sustainable growth helps rapidly develop careers that would take years to progress as far in most other companies.

What else you should know:

  • Flexible schedule. Group-IB does not have fixed working hours. You choose your own schedule. We adhere to the principle advocated by Steve Jobs: “We have to work not 12 hours, and head.”
  • Comfortable offices in all countries of operation. We bring our creative ideas to life and design our offices so that they are a convenient space. In summer, we sometimes work outside on verandas and invite clients and partners to celebrate special occasions there.
  • Certificates and training courses. Group-IB specialists hold over 1,000 professional certificates, including CEH, CISSP, OSCP, GIAC, MCFE, BSI, as well as some rare ones that would be a source of pride for experts in forensics, penetration testing, and reverse engineering worldwide. We have an incentive program that helps employees achieve certifications at the company's expense.
  • Challenges. A wide selection of GIB programs help you improve soft skills, gain new competencies, and receive monetary rewards.
  • Initiative is rewarded. At Group-IB, you can bring your most daring ideas to life. The company encourages technical blogging, writing articles, building sports teams, and other creative activities.

Sound like you? Apply now via europe@group-ib.com