How can companies with cyber security expertise successfully collaborate with schools in middle- and higher level technical education (hbo/mbo), resulting in win-win solutions for all parties involved: students, cyber security professionals, companies, schools and society? Does the deployment of cyber security professionals as 'hybrid teachers' in education help to solve important bottlenecks there? If so, how do you organise this as smartly as possible - what are best practices in this area? Many questions, no ready-made answers yet. That is why HSD Office, in collaboration with three Universities of Applied Sciences (Den Haag, Leiden, Amsterdam) and ROC-Mondriaan, started the 'Hybrid teachers of cyber security in middle- and higher level technical education' pilot project in September 2020.


The bottlenecks and success factors in recruiting and retaining hybrid lecturers are now well known. Extensive research has been carried out into this. TechniekPact has a toolkit with information (videos, infographics, talking board) aimed to start the conversation and move from challenge to approach step by step. The experiences in cybersecurity have been included based on the work HSD did together with several partners. The key takeaways are described in the article Deployment of Cyber Security Experts in Higher Technical Education: key take-aways from pilot ‘hybrid teachers’.