Cyber, Education Market, ICT, Software Developer, Engineering
Edu type:
Formal education
Master (EQF 7)
Start date:
Study Load:
3360 hrs
2 years
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Software systems play an often unseen yet highly important role in our society. Consider, for example, the systems of banks or insurance companies, or the software in a television set, internet search engines or software that controls the electricity network. We cannot manage without them.


In the Master of Computer Science and Engineering program, you will learn to design quality software. You will also combine a scientific perspective with the approach of an engineer. You will systematically produce inventories of requirements and incorporate them into your design. You will also be able to make qualitative and quantitative judgments regarding the extent to which those requirements have been met.


This program equips you with knowledge of algorithms, performance, hardware, and design and documentation methods. You will be able to apply this to create reliable protocols for the behavior of complex software systems. As a master-level graduate, you will be able to play a leading role in the development of your specialist field, whether in scientific research, in industry, in commercial businesses or in (government) organizations. A wide choice of electives gives you the freedom to determine the content of your program, enabling you to take your studies in any direction.


As a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering, you will have developed a scientific perspective combined with a practical approach, that forms an excellent foundation for a successful career. There are numerous fields in which computer science is applied, which means that you could find yourself in any number of roles. You will find computer scientists in research laboratories, banks, (government) organizations, hospitals, multinationals and internet companies, to name a few.


Most graduates start their careers with a job in a design team, but quickly develop into team leaders and managers. It is also possible to start your own business. Our alumni are employed as software design engineers and system architects, for example, and some are technical advisors at ASML, TASS Software Professionals and Philips. You can also find them working as consultants in companies such as Capgemini, Oracle, Cordys, Accenture and KPMG, or as researchers in universities both in the Netherlands and in other countries.