Education Market, Education, Economics
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Formal education
Bachelor (EQF 6)
Start date:
Study Load:
5040 hrs
3 years
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What is the most cost-efficient location for placing windmills in the Netherlands? If you enjoy solving a problem like this, Econometrics and Operations Research could be right for you.


The BSc Econometrics and Operations Research (EOR) in Groningen teaches you all about mathematical modelling. The combination of the four profiles makes this programme unique: econometrics, operations research, actuarial science and mathematical economics. If you like economics, mathematics and statistics, enjoy finding solutions to complex problems and have an interest in mathematical modelling and software-assisted computations, then this could be the programme for you.

  • Econometrics is about the statistical methods needed to estimate the relation between variables. How does the gas price influence travel behaviour?
  • Operations research focuses on optimal decision-making and finding approximate solutions to complex real-life problems. What is the most efficient route (time/distance) to deliver a number of packages?
  • Actuarial science is about modelling the risks faced by, for instance, insurance companies and pension funds. How are pensions related to people living longer?
  • Mathematical economics studies how economic actors (individuals, government, companies) interact with each other.

The combination of these four profiles provides an extensive modelling toolkit for solving a wide range of economic and business problems. Many course units in the programme provide the opportunity to practise modelling on the basis of real-life cases and data, thus providing optimal preparation for your future career as an econometrician, operations research specialist, or actuary.