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3447gv, Online
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15 hrs
3 weeks
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This beginner’s course offers an intensive hands-on introduction to ethical hacking. During the course, you will understand how hackers think and work, and you will try your hand at various hacking techniques including Wi-Fi hacking, web vulnerability scanning, SQL injection, password cracking and file inclusion. At the end of the course, you will use your newly acquired hacking skills to perform a basic black-box penetration test in a Capture the Flag format. This is an entry level ethical hacking course. If you’re looking for an advanced course in professional penetration testing, we’d recommend you to have a look at the Ethical Hacking Practitioner training.


This course is taught entirely in English.


Ethical Hacking Foundation

  • 3 days, 4.5 hours a day
  • Anyone looking for a comprehensive introduction in ethical hacking
  • Solid understanding of how a hacker thinks, what an ethical hacker does, and what skills an ethical hacker needs, hacking ethics and the legal implications of hacking
  • How different types of penetration tests are performed and how to report issues found during a pen test
  • Perform the basic steps of reconnaissance
  • Perform fundamental steps of attacking techniques including a basic black-box penetration test in Capture the Flag format on the last day of training


What’s included

  • Official SECO-Institute course materials
  • Training from passionate instructors with exceptional skills
  • Access to the SECO lab environment
  • Access to the SECO member portal
  • Practice exam
  • Exam voucher
  • Membership to SECO’s Alumni Network after passing the exam



  • Introduction, Network Hacking & Penetration I
  • Module 1 - Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  • Module 2 - Key toolset of the SOC Analyst: SIEM, ITSM, SOC Ticketing System, Mindset
  • Module 3 - Penetration part I
  • Module 4 - Penetration part II
  • Module 5 - Capture the Flag
  • Collect your badge of honor
  • Exam
  • Join our Alumni Network