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Formal education
Master (EQF 7)
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Study Load:
1680 hrs
1 year
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Are you inquisitive, analytical and internationally-minded? Do you like coming up with creative solutions to complex legal questions? And can you see yourself providing clients with legal advice on European tenders, or migration to the EU? European Law School may be the programme you're looking for. It offers a broad range of courses on different areas of European law, such as competition law, criminal law, family law and financial regulation. You'll also be familiarised with the methods and content of legal argumentation. Upon graduation, your deep understanding of EU law will make you an excellent candidate for a legal position at an international organisation or a government institute. But your analytical skills and quick legal reasoning will also be an asset if you choose to pursue a career in national law.



Why this programme?

The European Union has had a significant impact on the legal profession. To be a successful lawyer in an integrating Europe, you'll have to be familiar with both European law and the national legal systems of the main European countries. The European Law School programme at Maastricht University is an ambitious programme. You’ll study traditional legal subjects from a European and comparative perspective and you’ll gain a deep understanding of how European law interacts with national law.



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