Hacking, Cyber Security
Edu type:
Course or training
Master (EQF 7)
Start date:
Study Load:
24 hrs
3 days
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In this training we will cover the following basics:

  • What is malware?
  • How do victims get infected?
  • How do we start our malware analysis?
  • How do we modify malware by modifying assembly?
  • What does malware actually do on our system?
  • What techniques do malware creators use to not be analyzed and how to circumvent these?
  • What can we see on the network layer?
  • How do we analyze exploits and scripts?

This is a hands-on course. This means that the participants will receive a small portion of content after which they are immediately going to apply this knowledge in a demonstration environment. These challenges start easy and end with a full analysis of WannaCry on day three. To support people that are already familiar with (part of) the topic, we have various additional (difficult) challenges to distribute.