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Formal education
Master (EQF 7)
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1680 hrs
1 year
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 Amsterdam Law School offers two Master tracks in International Criminal Law: a joint program with Columbia Law School (track 1) and a full LLM in International and Transnational Criminal Law at our Amsterdam Law School (track 2). Both tracks focus on international and transnational criminal law as distinct fields of legal study. We aim to train a new generation of criminal lawyers who are capable of transcending disciplinary borders. For that purpose, we offer a curriculum that enhances a broad and deep understanding of relevant issues of international and cross-border justice and the development of academic skills through in-depth analysis and experiential learning.


Two tracks of International Criminal Law

The two tracks start with a common first semester at the University of Amsterdam that includes an introduction to common and civil law and procedural and substantive law of international courts and tribunals. You will visit The Hague, city of international justice, and work with international renowned practitioners, including judges and prosecutors of the International Criminal Court. We offer a range of elective courses such as international humanitarian law, human rights law and the theory and history of international law. Students who participate in the joint program with Columbia Law School (track 1) will move to New York at the end of the 1st semester.


Practical application

The programme combines the study of theoretical aspects and foundations of international criminal law with its practical application, by offering workshops in international criminal law and opportunities for dialogues with practitioners from courts and tribunals as well as related international criminal justice organizations. To see the list of experts involved, please seeour overview.

Civiel effect

Graduates who have completed the Master’s in International Criminal Law in addition to a full Bachelor’s degree in Dutch Law can qualify for admission to the Dutch bar and judiciary (the so-called ‘civiel effect’ of the Master). For more information and how to qualify, Dutch).


Related Master programme information

The University of Amsterdam offers two tracks under its Master's programme on International Criminal Law. The second, other track offered by Amsterdam Law School offers a full LLM in International and Transnational Criminal Law. Whilst the first semester is generally similar to this joint programme, the second semester comprises international and transnational criminal law courses and opportunities for internships, law clinics and research for courts and tribunals in the Netherlands.


Study programme

The International Criminal Law programme combines the study of theoretical aspects and foundations of International Criminal Law with its practical application, by offering a workshop in criminal tribunals and providing opportunities to engage in internships.

Amsterdam Law School students and Columbia Law School students complete the programme as a group, spending the first semester at the Amsterdam Law School and the second at Columbia Law School.

The programme consists of both compulsory and elective courses.


Track 1: International Criminal Law - Joint Programme


Semester I 

September - December


Global Justice Sessions
Lectures, visits to courts and tribunals and research projects

  Comparative Introduction into Civil and Common Law (3 EC)
  International Criminal Tribunals: Procedural Aspects (6 EC)
  International Criminal Tribunals: Substantive Law (6 EC)
  International Criminal Law (6 EC)
  International Criminal Law Practice I (6 EC)
  Thesis Part I (3 EC)

Semester II 

January - June 

  Colloquium on International Criminal Law (AC unknown)
  Selected elective courses, for overview check:
  Thesis (7.5 AC)

Second semester at Columbia Law School

In November 2018 you will find a link here to Columbia Law School for up-to-date information regarding its courses.


Master's degree International Criminal Law

The quality of this joint LLM programme has been positively assessed by the Accreditation Organisation of The Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). Upon successful completion of the programme, students will thus receive a legally accredited master's degree and the title Master of Laws (LLM). 


Amsterdam Law Practice

Our Experiential Education method inspires and motivates students to do research and increase their knowledge. Students learn by doing, and connect with society at large by working with fellow students towards the solution of social problems. Moreover, it offers them the opportunity to establish contacts in the professional field, a valuable prelude to a successful legal career. Read more about theAmsterdam Law Practice.