Education Market, Law, Criminology
Edu type:
Formal education
Master (EQF 7)
Start date:
Study Load:
1680 hrs
1 year
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Amsterdam Law School offers two Master tracks in International Criminal Law: a joint program with Columbia Law School and a full LLM in International and Transnational Criminal Law at our Amsterdam Law School. Both tracks focus on international and transnational criminal law as distinct fields of legal study. We aim to train a new generation of criminal lawyers who are capable of transcending disciplinary borders.


The study programme

We offer a curriculum that enhances a broad and in-depth understanding of relevant issues of international and cross-border justice and the development of academic skills through in-depth analysis and experiential learning.


ICL JP starts with a first semester at the Amsterdam Law School that includes an introduction to common and civil law and procedural and substantive law of international courts and tribunals. You will have the opportunity to meet and hear from internationally renowned practitioners, including International Criminal Court judges and prosecutors. There will also be courses like Jurisdiction and Cooperation in Criminal MattersComparative Criminal Law and Procedure and Global Justice Sessions to provide a comprehensive foundation for future learning. Additionally, we offer a range of elective courses such as International Humanitarian LawInternational Human Rights Law, International Refugee Law and International Law of Military Operations. Students will move to New York at the end of the first semester.


One of the core modules of the first semester is part of the Amsterdam Law Practice: a unique moot court based on experiential education. This contemporary way of learning, in which you learn by doing, helps you develop your professional identity by reflecting on who you are as a legal practitioner and provides you with the opportunity to hone your legal research skills in a team setting. 


Is this programme for you?

  • You are interested in international and transnational criminal law as distinct fields of legal study.
  • You are eager to meet and hear from internationally renowned practitioners.
  • You like the fact that the programme combines the study of theoretical aspects and foundations of International Criminal Law with its practical application.
  • You have an interest in criminal law and human rights in an international context.

The Master's programme in International Criminal Law - Joint Program is a selective, specialised programme open to a limited number of motivated, ambitious students. A selection procedure applies whereby students with the most competitive applications will be admitted to the programme.


Discover the Master’s programme and tracks

The University of Amsterdam offers two tracks under its Master's programme in International Criminal Law. The second, other track offered by Amsterdam Law School provides a full LLM in International and Transnational Criminal Law, with the first semester being shared with the joint programme. The second semester includes courses on international and transnational criminal law as well as opportunities for internships, law clinics and involvement in the ICC Moot Court Competition organised by the International Bar Association & the Grotius Centre. 


After graduation

This joint LLM programme prepares you for a career in international criminal law. Graduates will be singularly qualified to assume leadership roles in the world of international criminal courts and tribunals. This includes the International Criminal Court (ICC), national legal institutions and law firms, and international criminal law academia and ministries of foreign affairs, justice and defence.