For over 32 years, Comsec has been honored to be a trusted advisor to global leaders, delivering the world’s broadest portfolio of cybersecurity services. We’ve helped companies across a wide range of verticals secure their information and operational assets and stay compliant, ensuring that they achieve their business goals.


Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and startups in a diverse range of verticals like: Government – Finance – Insurance – Healthcare – Telecommunication – Ecommerce – Gaming -Industrial – Logistics - Public transportation.


Our clients rely on us to meet regulatory demands, corporate goals and client demands. They also rely on us to protect the safety of their teams and customers. To help them meet these goals and free them to focus on core business activities, we always deliver on our promises.


To achieve consistent results for our clients, we hire and retain specialized advisory talent who build their long term careers with us. As a result, our clients’ security and compliance operations grow more efficient and impactful over time, as Comsec Global advisors learn about clients’ specific needs and begin to anticipate them.