Security is extremely important in this day and age, which is why Leap is very active in this sector. As a strategic partner, Leap helps these companies to optimize their funding practices, form synergizing partnerships and streamline day to day innovation practices.

Leap has been founded because we believe that there is scope in every market for newcomers who can combine top-quality service with passion. Leap combines this top-quality service with a passion for innovation and technology, with a strong focus on IT- and High Tech companies ranging from SME businesses to Corporates.

We are pleased to say that our vision was right, because almost as soon as we had founded Leap, it became one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. Nowadays, Leap is a specialist innovation consultancy firm for innovative companies with consultants in two business units: Funding and Business Innovation. Funding, to ensure optimal financial arrangements for innovation. Business Innovation, to fundamentally increase companies’ innovative force.

With its 25 specialized Consultants, Leap is eager to provide your company with optimal Funding and streamlining Innovation projects and activities with Business Innovation.