Experts in secure communication

Safeguarding sensitive information requires trust and expertise. Sectra’s close cooperation with leading European security agencies is a strong vote of confidence in our solutions and our know-how.


Sectra provides security solutions to ensure that organizations and individual users can meet their continuous need for secure communication. Users include European defense ministries, government authorities, and other critical functions of society. Our solutions are approved at national levels by multiple European countries and by the EU and NATO, and pave the way for communications that will lead to a more secure and stable world.


Sectra's products are used by customers in some 50 countries and sales are conducted directly by Sectra as well as through regional and local partners. Sectra Communications conducts its business through operations in Sweden and the Netherlands.


Quality policy and security certification

All Sectra products and systems are designed according to the standard Common Criteria for IT. Our solutions stack up to the most stringent security requirements. Documentation and evaluation helps trace security threats, security mechanisms and security functions down to the implementation details.


Four security levels – Top Secret, Secret, Confidential and Restricted – define the handling of sensitive information and any potential damage that might occur should an unauthorized party gain access. Sectra solutions are approved at various security levels and are trusted by governmental authorities, defense departments and other critical functions of society in 17 EU member states, as well as NATO.


Close cooperation with our customers has resulted in the development of a sturdy line of niche products and services to meet and exceed customer expectations. We continuously strive to improve customer satisfaction according to our quality policy.