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Roots in data recovery

Stellar Data Recovery has its roots in the field of recovering lost or inaccessible data from a wide variety of (damaged) data carriers such as hard drive disks (HDD’s), SSD’s, SD-Cards, mobile phones, smart phones, pen drives, USB-sticks, laptops, PC’s, SAN and NAS systems, RAID systems, corporate server systems with virtual machines, and so on. Stellar is serving millions of people with its software and services worldwide. For many corporate & governmental clients Stellar Data Recovery is the last resort in case of important data loss incidents.


Data recovery as preparation to forensic searches

Often data carriers are not accessible to forensic tools. The first step is to recover the raw data from the damaged data carrier such as severely damaged hard drives, broken micro chips or destroyed smartphones. Stellar developed several tools to perform such data recovery operations prior to forensic analysis. An example of such a tool is the highly advanced microchip data extraction tool to perform the physical recoveries of data from all kind of microchips (e.g. smartphone chips).


Data erasure audits

Stellar performs data erasure audits resulting in a written statement. This can be for the purpose of testing third party software or for testing the results from a batch of supposedly wiped devices.


Secure data erasure software tools

From the deep knowledge of data storage on a wide variety of data carriers Stellar Data Recovery developed ‘BitRaser’ a secure data erasure suite of tools. Ever increasing legislation and growing worldwide attention to data leakage incidents are the drivers behind the development of this accurate and powerful data erasure tool that helps organizations mitigate the risk of data leakage and support them in maintaining centrally managed records of their wiping activities.


Business and governmental customers

Where governmental institutions as FBI and NFI are merely serving governmental organizations, Stellar serves governmental and business organizations alike. The service of Stellar is fast and cost efficient, which allows customers to act timely on threats and data loss incidents.


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