Balancing factors of security

In a world that becomes more digital by the day, the need to counter online security risks is greater than ever. Zerocopter makes the digital world more secure. We enable you to confidently leverage the skills of the world’s most knowledgeable ethical hackers for securing your applications. We remove the dark veil that covers the world of hacking. For our clients, hacking is no longer a synonym for data theft. It means rigorous testing of their soft- and hardware in order to remove all its vulnerabilities. Every bona fide organisation is welcome to use our services. As long as their aim is to make their applications more secure, we will help them.

Working as ethical hackers and security researchers over the past decade, we noticed that online security has become a Wild West. Companies often try to get risk levels under control by employing security teams, hiring security companies at scheduled intervals and licensing multiple expensive solutions. Inevitably this leads to a multitude of reports and a security flow that is not insightful.

We believe that online security is not just about implementing smart technology. It is about working with the right people, gathering insider intelligence and the ability to align all processes towards your goals. Zerocopter offers instant access to the best security expertise and tools, so organisations can keep up with rapid developments on ‘the other side’. This way we make the digital world more secure for our clients and their customers.