Security, Management, International Organisation and Security
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Bachelor (EQF 6), Doctorate/PhD (EQF 8), Master (EQF 7)
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The Operations Directorate deals with the core business of Europol, improving the effectiveness and cooperation of the competent authorities in the Member States in preventing and combating serious and organised crime, as well as terrorism affecting the Member States. This requires close cooperation with both the other two Europol’s Directorates – Governance and Capabilities, the Liaison Bureaux at Europol, as well as with the competent authorities (operational directorates and entities) in the Member States.

Europol delivers a number of products and services to national law enforcement agencies to support them in their fight against international serious and organised crime, as well as terrorism.

Under Europol’s organisational structure, the Operations Directorate hosts five distinct Departments: Operational and Analysis Centre, European Serious Organised Crime Centre, European Cyber Crime Centre, European Counter Terrorism Centre and the European Financial and Economic Crime Centre.


General accountabilities for the post holder
Under the supervision of the Executive Director, the Deputy Executive Directors shall head their respective Directorate and be, pursuant to Articles 54 and 55 of the Europol Regulation, responsible for:
- supporting and assisting the Executive Director and the Management Board in the strategic development of Europol by providing advice and expertise in their respective field of responsibilities;
- supporting the preparation of Management Board meetings and the implementation of its decisions;
- supporting the preparation and implementation of the multiannual programming and the annual work programme within their respective Directorates and reporting to the Executive Director and the Management Board on their implementation;
- implementing at Directorate level the decisions made during Directorate meetings;
- monitoring business planning and performance management within the Directorate;
- administering the Directorate, including through the management of personnel and budgets in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations;
- providing leadership and direction to their staff in fulfilling the tasks and objectives assigned to them;
- promoting strong inter-Directorate cooperation;
- maintaining strategic links in the specific crime areas at Directorate level with relevant external partners and stakeholders;
- presenting the achievements of Europol to the media and representing Europol at external and internal meetings and conferences as required;
- performing any other task assigned to them by the Executive Director.



Specific accountabilities for the post holder
Without prejudice to the Executive Director’s responsibility to define specific functions and duties assigned to the post, the Deputy Executive Director, will be responsible, inter alia, for:
- leading Europol's delivery of operational support capabilities in line with the interests and requirements of its Member States;
- providing leadership and direction to the Operations Directorate, including the setting, implementation and delivery of policies and objectives;
- overseeing the work of the following Departments: Operational & Analysis Centre, European Serious Organised Crime Centre, European Cyber Crime Centre, European Counter Terrorism Centre and European Financial & Economic Crime Centre;
- planning, directing and coordinating the use of the Organisation's resources in the delivery of the activities of the Operations Directorate, maximising effectiveness, increasing efficiency and ensuring the quality of the Directorate's products and services;
- ensuring the alignment of the specific operational strategies with the overarching Europol Strategy.