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Doctorate/PhD (EQF 8), Master (EQF 7)
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As a lecturer in the programme Safety and Security Management Studies (SSMS) you will teach students in the subjects of industrial safety and security. You will help students identify health and safety risks and educate them about gathering and analysing data to assess and evaluate risks. Moreover you will introduce them to the development and application of control measures for risk reduction in an industrial environment. Additional knowledge of cyber security and experience with testing and conducting safety related surveys is considered beneficial.

You will share your knowledge and experience which will involve teaching a variety of courses. Some are already fully developed (such as safety practice and safety risk management amongst others) while new ones will be developed by you. Moreover, you will organise and coordinate interactive projects and workshops, together with SSMS colleagues, for students and often in collaboration with external partners from the field. You will also support the growth of the programme, for instance, in regard to maintaining and developing professional relations with partner organisations.

You will guide, coach and assess SSMS students in order to facilitate their integration of theory and practice. This includes supervision of internships and of the final thesis. In doing so, you will help students attain the level of research as well as professional skills required to be highly competent, innovative, and knowledgeable professionals in regard to, amongst others, the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of workplace hazards.



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When reading through your resume, we would like to see:

  • a relevant master’s degree (e.g. engineering, chemistry, industrial hygiene, environmental health, occupational health and safety, security management, etc.);
  • that you have clearly developed yourself in an international, professional environment, preferably including safety and/or security-related experience in different industries, having helped organisations solve technical problems;
  • that you have obtained skills through a variety of relevant activities and responsibilities (e.g. in external safety, environmental safety, physical protection, dangerous goods, process safety, cyber security, oil and gas, fire safety, shipping and/or aviation, transportation logistics, facility management, etc.);
  • preferably working knowledge in the context of Seveso/Bevi installations, vital infrastructure or similar;
  • strong interest and demonstrable expertise in teaching, instructing and guiding students with an open mind towards new teaching and learning methods;
  • you have a level of proficiency in English in listening, speaking, reading and writing of at least C1. Good Dutch skills are preferred.

When we meet for an interview, you will be able to convince us that you are the best candidate for the job. We encourage you to apply if you can:

  • stimulate and motivate students in their personal and professional development by passing on your own knowledge and experiences reconciling both theoretical and practical approaches in line with the educational goals set in our programme;
  • contribute to a highly collaborative work environment in which you seek and offer support to students and colleagues;
  • share ideas and opinions eloquently and correctly, in a clear and concise manner, both orally and in writing;
  • stay focussed on realising results and attaining (educational) goals as well as signalling opportunities to improve results.