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Are you ready to shape the future of AI and data science across diverse university projects? Join our dynamic team where your contributions will not only impact individual projects but also drive broader insights and innovation.

In brief:
Department: Centre of Expertise Digital Operations & Finance – AI HUB
Location: The Hague/Delft/Zoetermeer
Education level: Master and/or PhD Hours per week: 16 - 40 hours
Salary indication: between € 5.122,09 – maximum € 6.698,86 gross per month

How does the job of a senior researcher at THUAS look like?
At The Hague University of Applied Sciences, we are setting up a team of experts to help out a broad range of projects spanning the university. As a senior researcher in this expert group you will set up and lead research in close cooperation with various research groups at THUAS. You are their go-to expert on AI and Data Science. You will conduct research in your field of expertise and bind together professionals and various disciplines. Your contributions might range from projects on greenhouse farming, to greener cities; and from cyber security to making sports more inclusive. The focus is on research projects with direct applications to different fields (practice-oriented research), though we also expect demand for projects that benefit our teaching and evaluative processes.

What kind of problems could you be working on? For example, within the field of Smart Manufacturing, we have projects on AI-based material characterization and sorting, pattern-matching for self-learning models that evaluate (dis)assemblability of products, and the generation of operator instructions including large-language models. Or, within the field of Smart Sensor Systems, we have projects on object recognition, time series analyses, digital twinning, and linking exposure-data to bioparameters.

As an AI and Data Science Specialist, you will bring your expertise to a diverse range of projects. Collaborating within a team, your role extends beyond project-specific contributions. A key objective is to generalize practical insights across projects, ensuring a broader and lasting impact. In this role you’ll have impact on research groups THUAS-wide. This means you must be someone that enjoys giving direction to diverse teams, you are able to maintain a broad overview, you are proactive, a strong communicator and have experience with sourcing external financing. It is also important that you have an affinity and experience with applying research in the field.

Your home base will be your team of fellow professionals in the field of AI and data science. From there, you'll address various inquiries from subgroups and programs within The Hague. Together, we'll craft a package that allows you to delve deep into your career development while remaining flexibly deployable. Such as being engaged in a long-term assignment for a research group where you can deepen your knowledge, publish, and concurrently undertake smaller advisory tasks. In these long-term assignments you will take projects under your wing and be responsible for leading, managing and expanding the AI-side of these projects. This approach not only familiarizes you with the diversity of the organization but also provides a stable group of colleagues to collaborate with and gives you the opportunity to further your career as a researcher.

What do we expect from you?
You have recently finished your PhD or MSc on a subject related to AI and Data Science. Next to this, you should also have experience with applied research as well as experience with grant applications. We want you to have a drive to share your discoveries with the outside world via lectures and peer reviewed articles.


You have:

  • AI and Data Science: Demonstrable proficiency in AI and data science, supported by a track record of working with data, implementing machine learning, and/or the design of such systems. Ideally, showcase your expertise through publications.

  • Project Management: Navigate the complexities of projects with ease, collaborating effectively within a team by leveraging individual strengths, and managing relationships with internal clients.

  • Generate Broader Impact: Maintain a holistic perspective while actively engaging in hands-on project work. Contribute to overarching goals and ensure that practical insights are translated into broader impact.

What can you expect from us?
We want you to be successful as a Senior Researcher and we want to make sure that you will make the most of your time at THUAS. To that end we are offering you:

  • A two year appointment (D4 contract voor 2 year), with a scope of 0.4 – 1,0 FTE; 16 - 40 hours per week;
  • A salary between € 5.122,09 – maximum € 6.698,86 gross per month (scale 12) for a fulltime work week;
  • 8% holiday allowance;
  • A year-end bonus of 8.3%;
  • A very generous paid leave allowance of 53 days, based on a fulltime work week (includes national holidays and some mandatory days off);
  • A green travel expense scheme: if you choose public transportation, you will receive 100% reimbursement for an NS business card 2nd class in your name. 

But that’s not all! Read all employment conditions here.


Good to know:

  • If any publications result from your project contributions, these will include you as an author to recognize your valuable contributions.

  • This position is flexible, ranging from 0.4-1.0 FTE, allowing you to align your commitment with your personal preferences and team fit.

About the AI Hub
Your work will explicitly be cross-faculty and not tied to a single Faculty or Center of Expertise. To this end, you will be part of our central AI Hub. More information about the broad range of research we conduct can be found on https://thehague-ai-datalab.nl/. Under this broad umbrella, the Centers of Expertise Digital Operations & Finance and Cyber-Security in particular will likely host many of the projects you will contribute to.

What is it like to work at THUAS?
If you work at THUAS, you work at one of the most dynamic and open organisations in the City of Peace and Justice. Together with 2,500 colleagues, you help 26,000 students from over 120 countries to prepare for a promising future in a world that changes every day. We do this by growing and evolving along with the world and the wishes of our students. We work together intensively with colleagues, with students and in the professional field. Furthermore, we look ahead, we are critical, and we stand in the middle of society.

Diversity, inclusiveness and equality are at the heart of everything we do. We strive for the composition of the student and staff population to reflect the society in which we work, and we want to offer everyone equal opportunities. We realise that this requires constant attention. We invest in this ourselves, and we would like you to help us with this.

Read more about our story and our core values here
THUAS as an inclusive campus


Do you want to apply for the role of Senior Researcher at THUAS?

  • The application deadline is Wednesday 14th of February, you can apply directly online on the website of THUAS;

  • The interviews will take place in the week 8 or 9 2024;

  • You can get in depth information about the vacancy via e-mail to Jered Vroon (Central Coordinator AI, j.h.vroon@hhs.nl);

  • Do you want more information on the application process? Then contact Maurice van Venetiën at Resourcing on +31 (0)6 42513237 or via e-mail:vacatures@hhs.nl