Cyber, ICT, Engineering
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Associate degree (EQF 5), Bachelor (EQF 6), Master (EQF 7)
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As a Site Reliability Engineer at EclecticIQ, you will help us further work on bringing two world together, Development and Operations ... by bringing Stability into Production.


We're just now kicking off with this role and SRE practice in general so you will have a chance to actually help us further define what this role and practice really means for us.


Here is how now we think of it.


You will be responsible for the reliability, availability, performance, efficiency, scalability, monitoring, and incident response, among other things, of the products and services that EclecticIQ delivers.


You’ll work within EclecticIQ's Delivery Team (small group of experienced engineers bringing our releases to life and then taking care of them later) along with several other Feature Teams as well as our Customer Success Team. Within the Delivery Team you’ll work on improving reliability and maintainability and be part in how we deliver our products and services but you'll also get to monitor, support, profile, troubleshoot and fix them.


With Feature Teams you'll work on striking the right balance between reliability and development speed by being involved throughout entire software development life cycle, from design and architecture, through implementation, deployment, and sustaining operation.


Automation will be your favorite word.


We are building our flagship product, EIQ TIP, using Python 3 on top of frameworks like Flask, SQLAlchemy and Celery. It relies on data stores like Postgres and Elasticsearch. The codebase consists of several modules/libraries spread over the application. There is a web based UI for end users that consumes REST API but also a lot of intensive data processing is happening in the background. 


We ship EIQ TIP for on-premise install as RPM and DEB packages along with all required third party dependencies and required documentation through our repositories. At the same time we run it ourselves for a subset of our customers in our own cloud. 


We work with software configuration management, various automation tooling, AWS, managing builds, running deploys and provide some cloud based services. On occasion, you will write some Python code and optimize the Linux-based systems our software runs on.


As an ideal candidate, you have relevant experience working with large, robust, high-performance applications using similar technologies; that you can responsibly monitor, troubleshoot and improve in order to bring more stability.



  • Independently monitor availability and performance of our products and services.
  • Independently work on determining where we need to add more stability and then contribute in that direction.
  • Provide operational support for our products and service running on our cloud infrastructure.
  • Help our Customer Success Team be pro-active about our products running on-premise in terms of availability and performance and manage incidents.
  • Play key role in Incident Response process.
  • Profile Python code, write unit and integration tests, take part in performance testing.
  • Perform code reviews and participate in technical design sessions with the rest of Engineering team.
  • Provide assistance with system-intensive operations like performance testing, systems optimisation, and so on.
  • Contribute with fresh ideas and make sure we NEVER mention the word "legacy".


  • 5+ years’ professional experience.
  • 3+ years’ experience building robust applications and/or products.
  • 2+ years’ experience working on SRE or SRE similar type of positions.
  • Critical and innovative thinking.
  • Demonstrable experience working with the following technologies: Linux, Git, SQL, REST, JSON, XML, HTTP.
  • Demonstrable experience working with AWS and cloud computing concepts in general.
  • Demonstrable experience working with Python.
  • Demonstrable experience with multi-tier application profiling.
  • Demonstrable experience working in DevOps way of working on delivery of products and services.
  • Demonstrable experience with DevOps and automation tools like Jenkins, Ansible and others.
  • Appreciation for clean code, thorough testing, and API design.
  • Experience with NoSQL databases in general is a plus.
  • Understanding design patterns in use for modern Python development is a plus.
  • Familiarity with the following Python frameworks: Flask, SQLAlchemy, Celery is a plus.
  • Familiarity with the following data stores: PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch is a plus.
  • Familiarity with Hashicorp suite of tools, and other DevOps tools is a plus.


We offer a full time position with a market conform salary, as well as ESOP participation. Besides our 24 annual holidays, we have a remote friendly work environment.


On top of that, we have a hip, home-like working place in the heart of Amsterdam where you can work with (and build) the latest technology. Our teams are humble, effective, transparent and life long learners - while we love experiments and research, we are not afraid to make decisions. We are backed by international investors to build the future together!


About EclecticIQ

EclecticIQ (2014) enables intelligence-powered cybersecurity for government organisations, commercial enterprises and MSSPs. We develop analyst-centric products and services that align our clients’ cybersecurity focus with their threat reality. The result is intelligence-led security, improved detection and prevention, and cost-efficient security investments.


Our flagship product EclecticIQ Platform is based on open standards STIX and TAXII and enables consolidation, analysis, integration and collaboration on intelligence from multiple sources - whether they are freely available, commercial or part of industry partnerships.. We tightly integrated our solutions with our customers’ IT security controls and systems.


EclecticIQ Platform gathers intelligence from diverse sources, enables collaborative internal workflows, integrates with enterprise security technologies, and supports secure exchanges with external information-sharing communities.


EclecticIQ operates globally with offices in Amsterdam, London, Herndon (US) and Moldova. At EclecticIQ every employee makes a difference.


Learn more at www.eclecticiq.com


In case of any questions or queries, please reach out to our Talent Acquisition specialist, Brenda Szongoth on brenda@eclecticiq.com.