Edu type:
Formal education
Bachelor (EQF 6)
Start date:
Study Load:
6720 hrs
4 years
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Do you want to find out how you can keep your country and cities accessible in the future? Want to map out problems in disadvantaged districts? And would you like to design the ideal residential area of the future? Built Environment is the programme for you.


In our globalising and urbanising world, ever greater importance is placed on cities built for human well-being, with attractive living and working environments, traffic accessibility, traffic safety and sustainability. In this study programme you will explore spatial development from an integrated perspective, based on urban planning, urban design and mobility – looking across country borders.



Study programme

This programme trains you to seek sustainable and innovative solutions for spatial and societal challenges in cities and city regions. You will learn to contribute to urban life becoming more sustainable and pleasant. To equip you for that, you will start with a broad basis of knowledge of the built environment and throughout your course of study, you will have opportunities to specialize. Various aspects relating to urban -areas and mobility will be dealt with: behaviour, design, planning and research. You will learn how to design safe cities, manage urban planning efficiently, influence people towards making clever transport choices and think and design strategically.


Most importantly, each semester you will work in teams on a real-life project (-known as LAB) with actual clients and experts from the field. Next to the LAB’s, courses will provide theoretical knowledge and skill development in order to help you become a true professional in the field. You will go on placements and have various field trips, both in the Netherlands and abroad.


Within the study programme, you will have a lot of room to make choices so that your personalized study programme suits your interests and future ambitions. To help you navigate through the options and opportunities, you will be coached by teachers.



After your bachelor
You are trained to optimise living environments and to design functions and accessibility of areas or locations on the international market. Career examples include but are not limited to are: strategic designer, urban planner and manager of sustainable urban mobility at international companies and organisations. Possible employers are multinationals, government services and consultancy agencies and you will likely be working on urban development challenges in multidisciplinary teams.

After successful completion of the Built Environment degree programme you are entitled to the degree of Bachelor of Science.