Cyber, Security, ICT, Education, Urban Security
Edu type:
Formal education
Den Haag
Master (EQF 7)
Start date:
Study Load:
1680 hrs
1 year
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Crises arising from terrorism, war, violence, cyber threats, and natural disasters dominate world news and make Crisis and Security Management a heavily politicized and hotly debated topic at the top of the national and global societal and governance agenda.


You will choose one specialisation before the start of your programme. A specialisation consists of a coherent set of courses aimed towards gaining specific skills and knowledge, and cannot be switched during the year.


The new specialisation 'Governance of Violence' will start in September 2023. 


What does this master's programme entail?

The master Crisis and Security Management is a programme built around four modules in which substantive knowledge, research skills and professional skills are integrated. Based on activating working methods and enquiry-based learning, the programme prepares students to become reflective, academically trained crisis and security professionals working in the public, private and civic sector.

During this multidisciplinary career-relevant master’s programme you will become familiar with the academic, political and societal dimensions of the governance of (in)security and crisis. You will study contemporary security challenges from both local and global points of view, gaining a deep understanding of the ‘wicked problem’ of security and crisis topics in a complex and globalising world. Students graduate on the base of a portfolio and reflection paper showing how they acquired the learning outcomes of the programme.


This one-year, English-taught programme is the only academic Master's programme that offers insights on general developments as well as the specific challenges in the field of the governance of crisis and security, with in-depth knowledge of sub-fields of crisis and security management. By selecting one track that suits your interest, you will be able to become a security professional with specialized knowledge and skills combined with a deep understanding of the general field.


Reasons to choose CSM at Leiden University in The Hague

  • You will both gain insights on general developments and challenges in the field of the governance of crisis and security and in-depth knowledge on the sub-fields of crisis and security management;
  • You will study real-life cases in an international community;
  • You will gain insights on all phases of crises and disaster management;
  • You will develop your academic, analytical and professional skills;
  • This programme is unique in the Netherlands because of the combination of the common courses and the track courses;
  • This programme is taught in the Centre of The Hague, the international City of Peace, Justice and Security.

Is CSM the right programme for you?

This full-time one-year Master’s programme is unique in the Netherlands because of the combination of the common courses and the track courses, and the emphasis on both academic and professional skills. There is ample room to gain in-depth and extensive knowledge and to develop vocational skills. The programme is aligned closely with the Bachelor Security Studies, but students from a wide range of disciplines are welcome to enrol.

  • Are you curious about and interested in the complex challenges our society is facing in the field of security and crisis?
  • Would you like to participate in discussions about and contribute to creative, balanced solutions for these challenges?
  • Are you looking for an education that will allow you to delve into your chosen specialist field?
  • Do you believe it is important to develop the skills employers are looking for and that will allow you the get ahead in your career?
  • Are you someone who does not like it when information is simply handed to you during classes?
  • Are you eager delve into challenging assignments that will allow you to develop your research skills?
  • Do you sit up and take notice when it comes to innovative teaching methods such as serious gaming?

Then this is the Master’s programme for you.