Economics, Academic Research
Edu type:
Formal education
Bachelor (EQF 6)
Start date:
Study Load:
5040 hrs
3 years
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Do you have a keen interest in the origins and evolution of economic issues? Are you looking to apply mathematical and statistical techniques to help answer real-life economic questions? Would you like to be able to develop and use your own models to define and explain reality systematically? Are you self-motivated and eager to study with international students?


If so, the International Bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research, with mathematics, statistics and economics at its core, is the programme for you. It enables you to take on complex issues like:

- How will interest rates and stock prices evolve over the coming years?
- How can waiting times in health care be reduced?
- How can we enhance the effectiveness of online advertising by using Big Data?
- How can public transport planning be improved?


The International Bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research programme focuses on the application of mathematical and statistical techniques to answer economic questions. The academic year is divided into five eight-week blocks, in which you follow two or three courses. Your study load is measured in credits of 28 study hours each. Each academic year consists of 60 credits.



Career opportunities

We can safely say that being an Econometrics graduate from Rotterdam opens career doors everywhere. During your study you will already notice that there are many internships available.


After your study investment banks, insurance companies and asset management companies gladly welcome you. If marketing is your field, there are plenty of marketing research and consultancy firms or multinationals like Unilever or Procter & Gamble to start your career. Central Banks (the ECB in Frankfurt, the German Bundesbank, the Dutch Central Bank and the US Federal Reserve) but also international consultants (PwC, EY, BCG) are keen on econometricians.


Are you a logistics and operations research specialist? Just think about the airlines, transport authorities or oil companies. In addition, government agencies like the treasury department, or international organisations like the OECD or IMF always need econometricians.


You may be involved in developing a model that allows an asset manager to exploit market anomalies, conduct a what-if-analysis regarding the effects of new government policies or develop algorithms for airlines and transportation companies to manage their timetables.


In summary: your Econometrics and Operations Research degree will take you anywhere you want to go and allows you to have a genuine impact.