5 Good reasons to choose for Erasmus University

Study on a campus

Erasmus University Rotterdam offers everything you need right on campus. Here you attend lectures and study in the library with your fellow students. At lunch, you can eat in the Food Court or Erasmus Paviljoen and if you want to play sports, you go to the sports centre. International students can also live on campus. The campus really is the place to be!


Make it happen

What is you’re ambition? Do you want to invent new economic models to predict a next crisis?  To improve health care in Africa? Whether you have new ideas for creative industries or you strive to start your own company in the legal business: Erasmus University will help you to make your ambitions come true. Erasmus University Rotterdam: Make it happen.


A real international university

Desiderius Erasmus once said “The world is my home” and that’s what Erasmus University always keeps in mind. In the multicultural classroom, you attend lectures given by an Italian professor and your fellow students come from countries like China and Brazil. Lecturers travel round the world to bring back global perspectives. You’ll be part of a truly international environment.


High quality and top ranked

Erasmus University has a high quality education and research programme. Top quality, actually. International rankings show that Erasmus University is among the world’s high end players. Students appreciate the quality of the lectures, the expertise of the staff and the preparations for a successful career.


Good career opportunities

Organisations and companies all over the world are interested in Rotterdam alumni. Sometimes they even call Erasmus University “preferred board room supplier”. During your studies, you pay a lot of attention to preparations for the labour market, for example during the Erasmus Recruitment Days: the biggest student recruitment event in Europe!