Education Market, research, Academic Research, Economics
Edu type:
Formal education
Master (EQF 7)
Start date:
Study Load:
1680 hrs
1 year
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Econometrics and Management Science

The profession of econometrics and management science involves doing quantitative analyses in order to solve problems faced by the government and businesses. Economic aspects usually play a major role in such problems. This programme is mainly aimed at teaching students the necessary economic theory and quantitative skills.

4 Master's specialisations:

  • Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing: ideal for students with an interest in the technical aspects of data science, students who want to use state-of-the-art methods and techniques to retrieve the information that is hidden in the many databases that are currently available.
  • Econometrics: suitable for talented and motivated students with an interest in studying macroeconomic and microeconomic problems from a quantitative point of view. Graduates are able to apply econometric techniques to complex, real-world problems (including execution and/or implementation in computer programmes).
  • Operations Research and Quantitative Logistics: focuses on those areas in industry (esp. logistics and transportation) that require strong quantitative skills, where practitioners apply academically developed theories. The difference with standard logistics or supply chain management programmes is that you also learn the ins and outs of the models behind decision support systems, which gives you a very competitive advantage.
  • Quantitative Finance: aimed at talented and motivated students with an interest in studying finance from an econometric point of view. Graduates are able to apply existing quantitative techniques and econometric models to complex real-world financial problems. And they are trained to develop and apply new econometric solutions if required.


NVAO accreditation

This program is legally recognized and accredited by the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).