INNOPAY offers various trainings in the field of Cybersecurity, given by our own certified and experienced professionals. 

Find out about our various training programs, availability, booking and relevant information through our INNOPAY ACADEMY website.

Note: Training will be given in Dutch


INNOPAY offers the chance to become acquainted with the most important aspects of cybersecurity in an accessible manner. Within two days (spread out over two weeks) our Cybersecurity Basics training lays the necessary foundation for everybody who needs to know the fundamentals of cybersecurity. This training will also provide the necessary knowledge to successfully follow the CISSP and CRISC training courses.

Because organisations themselves are best aware of their own situation, it is obvious that the organisation itself is actively involved in mitigating cyber risks. This can only be done if there is sufficient knowledge and expertise in the field of cyber security. This is also necessary to be a fully-fledged partner. INNOPAY offers training services to help organizations build their own knowledge and expertise in cybersecurity. INNOPAY has thorough experience with the safe and efficient set up of transactions. This should include the exchange of financial data and privacy sensitive information such as personal data. This up to date experience will be shared during the training with the students in the form of practical cases.