Cyber, Education Market, ICT, Engineering
Edu type:
Formal education
Master (EQF 7)
Start date:
Study Load:
1680 hrs
1 year
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The Master's programme Security and Network Engineering (SNE, formerly System and Network Engineering) is a time intensive one year programme at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). It allows students to specialise in Security and Network Engineering on a more theoretical level. With security as a focal point in the programme for the last thirteen years, it prepares students for realistic situations outside of academics.


What is this programme about?

Students and lecturers from Security and Network Engineering tell you during our Online Open Day Event what to expect from this programme and discuss career opportunities once you have graduated.


The study programme

Security and Network Engineering is the only academic Master's programme in The Netherlands that focuses on understanding, developing and maintaining complex IT systems and networks. It raises questions like: How do you apply different software components within a complex architecture, to end up with an efficiently working system?


After graduation

In a world that increasingly uses and depends on the technical ICT infrastructure, and where (cyber)security is an rising issue, security and network engineers are indispensable in the efficient and effective functioning and innovation of this infrastructure. Their expertise in technical details and understanding of the goals and needs of organisations and society ensure the correct management of the infrastructure.


Is Security and Network Engineering for you?

It is, if you:

  • have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or an equivalent;
  • are ambitious and want to develop your knowledge and skills in the area of Security or Networking;
  • are looking for a technically challenging top rated Master’s programme, that is also available in part-time;
  • want to be part of  a small team of students and staff, that is permanently available for any questions that may arise;
  • want to work in the SNE lab with first class material at your own reserved work space and server space.