RedSocks Security is specialised in detecting malicious network behaviour and combatting cybercrime. By combining Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Threat Intelligence, RedSocks Security provides non-intrusive, real-time malicious threat detection solutions and incident response services. Our solutions are implementable within organisations of all sizes, and also serve as a tool of compliance to EU privacy legislation.


RedSocks Security offers the RedSocksMTD® as a virtual or hardware network appliance. This innovative, scalable solution analyses outgoing network traffic flows (e.g. Netflow, IPFIX) in real-time, based on algorithms and lists of malicious indicators, helping organisations detect digital threats and APTs faster.


By using the RedSocksMTD® solution, organisations can automatically and accurately identify hidden infections and accelerate incident response. In addition to that the appliance can be used as a compliancy tool since RedSocks Security implements forensic-grade data storage methods.


Using RedSocks solutions as a compliancy tool allows an organisation’s Security, and Data Protection Officers to maintain the forensic validity of their data even when data is stored on external systems.


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