InnovationQuarter is the regional development agency for the province of South Holland. InnovationQuarter finances innovative and fast-growing companies, assists foreign companies in establishing their businesses in West Holland, and organizes collaboration between innovative entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and government. In this way, and in cooperation with the business community, InnovationQuarter supports the development of West Holland to become one of the most innovative regions in Europe.

Foreign Investments
We proactively recruit international companies to enhance our regional priority sectors like Safety & Security. The presence of knowledge, talent and favorable business locations for companies in the areas of Cleantech, Life Sciences & Health, Horticulture, Smart Industry and Safety & Security make the West Holland region an ideal landing place for international companies that want to grow.

Working closely with the overseas networks of the Ministries of Economy and Foreign Affairs, and with international contacts from our knowledge institutions and cluster organizations, we make direct contact worldwide with companies that fit our region.


Business Development
Collaboration offers opportunities for growth and innovation, and creates chances to stand out and be distinctive. Because of this, we want to bring the right people together to accelerate innovation, for individual companies, for our strong clusters such as Safety & Security, and ultimately, for West Holland. This includes also the formation of new clusters focusing on cross-sectoral innovations. Realizing successful co-operation is the essence of our work.

InnovationQuarter Capital
Successful innovation requires money. We invest in Safety & Security companies amongst others that have the potential to lift our regional economy to a higher level, bringing with them innovation, stronger clusters, more employment opportunities, and innovations with a social impact. We have € 60 million in our investment fund for this purpose. And thanks to our shareholders, it will continue to grow in the coming period.