Everything You Need

Hey there, let me get the door for you. New here? Cool, here's the lowdown. On your height-adjustable desk you’ll find a brand-new MacBook, an external display and some other cool accessories. Take a seat — you'll find your backside on one of the industry's most ergonomic and comfortable chairs. You can enjoy a yummy breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks and fresh fruit every single day. And hey, work hard play hard. Blow off steam with some foosball and chill in our hangout lounge. That's how we roll here at Onegini!


We Are A Family

To us, you are more than an employee. You are family. And we value family. So expect no senseless hierarchies, just open discussions and transparency. AND your fair share of family gatherings, celebrations and vacations. If you want to join our team, ready yourself to learn a lot, laugh a lot, go beyond what you thought possible – and change the world with us. Welcome to Onegini.


Latest Technologies

We work with the latest technologies (Docker, AngularJS, CQRS, Java 8, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Go) and focus on an international market. We work in teams in which new software versions are developed using the scrum methodology. Developers, architects and operational engineers all work together in one team.


Careers at Onegini

We are looking for inspiring people that can help us to make a lasting impact in the mobile space. If you have a passion for software development and you want to join a fast growing international product company, then come and work with us.