ThreadStone Cyber Security started in 2014, having one important mission: to make the Dutch and European internet safer. ThreadStone offers reliable, practical and affordable cybersecurity solutions for both large and smaller organizations. These solutions are being developed in Europe, as well as delivered via a European based cloud environment. ThreadStone was one of the leading parties involved in the big national ‘Safe Business Internet’ campaign in the Netherlands.

Our mission has not changed, but over the years we have expanded both our scope and our proposition. Currently, all of our services are centered around our unique Cyber Security Route Map. This modular offer covers specific solutions regarding policy, employee awareness and technology. This easy to grasp route map helps organizations determine appropriate measures to enhance their cyber and information security. It targets policy, comparable to traffic rules, employees, who are the drivers, and technology, symbolized by the car/vehicle fleet.

Threadstone's customers are usually too big not to take information security seriously and too small to set up their own security team. We offer our services directly to these companies. Besides, we work together with insurance companies, branch organizations, banks and IT resellers/managed services providers in order to realize our first-hour mission.