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Master (EQF 7)
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3360 uur
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The enormous power of IT is the main driving force shaping modern society, going beyond the technical and economic aspects. In this Master’s programme, you can study the design and analysis of software, machine learning and big data, cyber security, or the logic and mathematics behind computation, but also the interplay between these areas. In the Computing Science Master's programme, you can opt for six specialisations.


Cyber Security

With our society's reliance on IT, cyber security and privacy are growing concerns. This specialisation will teach you how to assess the security of IT solutions and how to develop more secure solutions for the future.


Data Science
Data plays a role in almost every scientific discipline, company, or public organisation. Learn how to turn real-world data sets into useful insights with the help of software and algorithms.


Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
Explore the connections between computing science and mathematics. Both from the perspective of mathematics and logic as the foundation of computing science, and in the use of computers as aid in doing mathematics.


Software Science
IT gets its power and flexibility from software, but the complexity of modern software poses huge challenges. Learn how to design, generate, and analyse software to control this complexity and improve its safety and correctness.


Science in Society
Science and technology have a profound influence on society, but the reverse is also true: society significantly shapes the ways in which science and technology evolve. This specialisation equips you with the tools to become a professional intermediary between science and society.


Science, Management and Innovation
All organisations struggle with challenges such as sustainability, health, energy, and IT security. Solutions require scientists with an analytical as well as a societal understanding of these issues.


Pre-Master's programme

In some cases, when your education background does not grant you direct admission to the Master's programme in Computing Science, you can be admitted to a pre-Master's programme. A pre-Master's programme is especially designed to bridge the gap between your prior education and our Master's in Computing Science.


The pre-Master’s programme in Computing Science is only available for students that speak Dutch and is limited to the specialisations in Software Science, Data Science and Cyber Security.