Founded in 2017, Enwere is a cyber security organisation focused on supporting clients, with more than 50 employees, in their cyber resilience journey. We offer services in the areas of Awareness, Insights and Measures with the aim of strengthening your organisation's cyber resilience and thereby minimising the impact of a cyber attack so that you can quickly get back to business after a cyber attack. 



An important step in protecting your organisation from cyber attacks is awareness of the risks. At Enwere, we offer organisations a platform where everyone is trained on cyber security. Your organisation will both learn to better understand the risks of cyber attacks and also become aware of the risks the organisation may face.



Our cyber security experts help you with Insights by analysing your current cyber security landscape and identifying vulnerabilities. Based on this, they draw up an action plan to improve your cyber resilience with technical solutions. With our Insights services, you can rest assured that your organisation is optimally protected against the latest cyber threats.



We believe that the right policies minimise damage. That is why we help our clients create a roadmap to implement appropriate policies for their organisation. With our Measures services, our customers can immediately take effective measures to defend against cyber attacks and strengthen their cyber resilience. With the right policies, risks are minimised and you can protect your organisation from the consequences of a cyber attack.


At Enwere, the focus is always on the customer: "Our AIM is your cyber resilience". The focus of our services is on improving your cyber resilience and minimising the impact of a cyber attack.