PBLQ, Connectors in the information society

PBLQ is a consultancy firm for change issues in the information society. We help our clients from the (semi) public sector with advice, traineeships and training courses. In doing so, we contribute to a smart and robust information society in which government, citizens and businesses can exchange information safely. We are committed to a well-functioning digital government. Connectors in the information society.


PBLQ Academy

The Academy provides education and training to help government employees make a difference when it comes to change issues in the information society. We combine our practical experience with the latest (scientific) insights. "Learning by experiencing" is our motto.


Incompany and customization

New times call for new solutions. Organisations in the public sector are constantly developing in order to (continue to) carry out social tasks in a good way. Your employees are also constantly evolving as a result of the changing working environment. But sometimes something extra is needed in the form of a team training or learning trajectory. Our in-company and customised programmes are a catalyst for the development of your organisation.


For example, the 'driving under pressure of our times' training helps drivers to deal with technological developments and to turn threats into opportunities. We bring business, IT, policy and implementation together in the 'information management liaison course' and provide strategic insight into developments in, for example, the 'municipality of the future' course.


We bring safety and security together in tailor-made projects. Especially in times when themes such as information security, physical security, integrity, incident (crisis) management and dealing with personal data (privacy) receive renewed attention, insight into and coordination between these themes is very important. The I(nformation) incidents now require attention, but also offer the opportunity to prepare the organization and staff well. By understanding the developments and working on the right skills.


Open registration courses

Would you like to delve into information management, policy or develop your skills? We will work with you in our training courses. The latest trends, developments and knowledge in your field are central. Our trainers understand their profession and know the public domain.


Do you have any questions about our programmes? Then please contact us!

Peter van Enk, Academy Manager

06 51 41 68 22 | p.van.enk@pblq.nl