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Master (EQF 7)
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3360 uur
2 jaar
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As our society's reliance on IT increases, cyber security grows in importance. In this specialisation, you learn how to assess the security of existing ICT systems, and how to develop more secure future solutions.


Something for you?

  • Be taught by many of the best cyber security experts in the world.
  • Our curriculum is unique its broad scope, ranging from hardware security to security of AI.
  • Internationally, we’re leading the cryptographic algorithm design, with our designs being selected as NIST standards or competing as finalists in ongoing NIST competitions.
  • Education is closely connected to research at the Privacy & Identity Lab, where privacy and identity are researched from legal, technical, and social perspectives.

What will you learn

The Master’s specialisation in Cyber Security will teach you how to contribute in the design of new security systems. You’ll be able to draw up the security requirements of an application and discover where possible weaknesses lie. Main focus lies on topics as cryptographic codes, operating systems and protocol verification. But you will also get a broad scope of cyber security to include mathematical, organisational, legal and ethical aspects, with particular attention for privacy issues.


Future career opportunities

After completing the Master’s, you will have an in-depth knowledge of cyber security and be familiar with its theoretical, technical, managerial, legal and ethical aspects. Cyber security experts are in high demand, so you should have no problems finding a job as consultant, manager or researcher after graduating.