QuTech: Advanced Research Center for Quantum Computing and Quantum Internet. 


QuTech is a partnership between TU Delft and TNO and is founded in 2014. Its mission is to develop scalable prototypes of a quantum computer and a secure quantum internet, based on superposition and entanglement. To achieve these ambitious goals, we bring together world-class scientists, engineers and industrial partners in an inspiring environment. In 2014, QuTech was awarded the National Icon status by the Dutch government. The institute currently employs over 200 people. 


By advancing the full range from quantum device fabrication to quantum information theory, QuTech contributes to the creation of a novel quantum engineering field, aiming at breakthroughs in quantum areas of physics, electrical engineering and computer science.


QuTech is organized along four focus areas: fault-tolerant quantum computing, quantum internet, and networked computing, topological quantum computing, and quantum software and theory. Furthermore, QuTech has a roadmap for ‘shared development’, where we aim to increase the technical readiness level of technology developed at QuTech together with external partners.