Why we exist:

Insider risk has a long history. What’s changed is the challenge of managing it. Modern organisations collect, process and rely on digitised business information on a scale unheard of before while criminals continually discover new ways to monetize it. In the middle stand employees. These employees often have access to intellectual property and trade secrets that represent an organisation’s most valuable assets, and whose loss can pose an existential threat. 

As humans, these employees also have vulnerabilities. Attackers understand this and are increasingly leveraging insiders now that organisations have made attacking externally harder. Our mission is to help organisations protect their employees before the attackers reach them and before the demands of modern society derail them psychologically. But it’s more than that. It’s to help organisations succeed through introspection and improvement of their internal processes to become a proactive and supportive culture. And we know how.


Our Appoach:

People harm organisations for a variety of personal reasons. They can be distracted and unwittingly click on a phishing email. They can also act intentionally out of a need for esteem or recognition, to support an ideology or due to stress in their financial, personal or professional life. When insiders cause harm, it’s not just the organisation that loses. The damage they create hurts their co-workers, their loved ones, and ultimately themselves. On a broader scale they can weaken their country’s economic and military standing, putting future generations at risk. 

At the end of the day, insiders act because their situation is not recognised or addressed appropriately. Signpost Six helps organisations remedy that situation. Our team applies psychology and our diverse professional backgrounds to help organisations identify and respond to insiders at risk. We take a whole-person approach that benefits both the individual and the organisation. 

Are you skeptical that tools alone can address a business issue as personal as insider risk? Do you believe in helping employees before they commit long-lasting personal and organisational harm? If so, then we want to speak with you. We want to demonstrate that humans are still the key in a digital world. We want to show what success can look like when psychology meets technology. We’re Signpost Six.


Our services

Signpost Six offers two key services to clients.  We offer a variety of training, both online and in person, on a diverse set of themes all in the domain of insider risk management. We take particular pride in our set of online trainings, not the least of which our unique education for insider risk programme managers. These trainings condense the deep and diverse expertise of the expanded Signpost team. We also consult with organisations to assess the maturity of their insider risk programme, to set their strategy and to provide specialised solutions across all insider risk countermeasures. 

We share our experience and insights at conferences, in webinars and in our blogs. We consider it our duty to keep everyone, not just our clients, informed about the challenge.