TÜV Nederland is located in Son and Breugel (close to Eindhoven) and have more than 275 well trained en experienced employees. We are part of TÜV NORD GROUP with the headquarter in Essen (Germany).


TÜV Nederland promotes safety, quality, reliability and the environment for organizations and their employees, government and society by evaluation and dissemination of knowledge. All is based on trust, independence, transparency, competence, objectivity and integrity.

Independent reviews can prove obstacles within customer organizations and then help create support for measures to improve the reliability and demonstrate conformity. We look for confirmation of compliance of the system, not to defects.


The main activities of TÜV are testing, inspection, certification, engineering and training (TICET).


Our security activities services all layers of enterprises, systems and components. Our Security portfolio is aligned in five streams: Enterprise Security, Cyber Security Services, Data Center Security, Common Criteria, and Trusted Services. Audits according to the (international) standards and regulations like ISO 27001,  ISO 27701, IEC 62443, ISO 22301, NEN 7510, ETSI and with assessments and evaluation of data centers, security management, data protection and consultancy.


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