Cyber, Education Market, ICT, Big Data, Information Security Management
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Formal education
Master (EQF 7)
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Study Load:
1700 hrs
1 year
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Whereas the Master's programme in Computing Science focuses only on the technical aspects of IT, the Master's programme in Information Sciences takes a broader look. This Master's programme is therefore taught by the Faculty of Science in collaboration with Nijmegen School of Management.


Information Technology has an enormous impact on companies and other organisations, and on society as a whole. This comes with the necessary technical challenges of implementing the IT solutions and getting them up and running, but also wider and more fundamental challenges, such as: what are the information needs in the first place? How can these best be met? How can resulting IT solutions be adopted in an organisation? How can their use be best introduced and managed? And how can we ensure compliance, with business requirements and legal standards for security and privacy? For this Master's programme, the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences (iCIS), which is part of the Faculty of Science, brings its world-class expertise in securityprivacy, and big data. Nijmegen School of Management brings its expertise in Business Administrationin particular onorganisational development and design (incl. technology implementation as a form of organisational design),  knowledge management, and innovation management. Find out more about why you should choose the Master’s programme in Information Sciences at Radboud University.



Technical and management students

This programme is suited for students with a technological background (in Computing Science or Information Sciences) who have ambitions in management, as well as students with a background in management and a strong affinity with IT. As the programme is a technological programme, we do expect the management students to have taken a minor in Computing Science during their Bachelor’s programme, or to have a comparable background in Computing Science. Conversely, we expect students with a Computing or Information Sciences background to have taken a minor in Business Administration, or to have a comparable background in Management Science. In other cases, you may have to complete a Pre-Master's programme to remedy deficiencies before entering this Master's programme.


NVAO accreditation

This program is legally recognized and accredited by the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).


In addition to the information above 

In May 2018, dcypher made an analysis of the curriculum of the master Information Science at the Radboud Universiteit. The curriculum at that time was comprised of technology (22%), organisation (67%) and human & behaviour (11%). More details of the analysis can be found on the website of dcypher.